Submission Deadline
The final deadline for submitting a proposal for an in-person presentation at the conference is November 24, 2011.  After that date, you are welcome to register as a non-presenting delegate or submit your proposal for a virtual presentation.  However, no proposals received after November 24, 2011 will be considered for on-site presentations.
Registration Deadlines

To ensure that your presentation is scheduled in the printed program, registration must be complete (and all payments received) by December 9, 2011.  If your proposal has been accepted, and you cannot complete your payment until you arrive at the conference, we will schedule you into an available session at that time.  Your presentation will be posted on the notice board at the conference, and it will be listed in the final program online.  But please note: your presentation will not appear in the printed program that is distributed at the conference.

New Session Formats

We are pleased to introduce two new session formats at this conference:  Roundtable Discussions and Curated Panels.  If your proposal is selected as appropriate for one of these new session formats, we will contact you by email with a special invitation to participate. We hope everyone will enjoy these additions to our conference program.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!